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Tomsk IEEE Chapter

GOLD Goals

»нститут инженеров - это не »нститут инжене√ров1. Improve the visibility of GOLD amongst IEEE members and the technology community at large.

2. Improve the representation, visibility and influence of GOLD and young professionals in every unit and level of the IEEE organization.

3. Inspire young professionals worldwide to be engaged within the IEEE s their professional home.

4. Strive to integrate fun in all IEEE events and services by promoting fellowship and global ties between IEEE members.

5. Create opportunities for young professionals to understand the implications and benefits of engineering on society, and empower them to seek socially conscious solutions.

6. Implement a sustainable strategy for young professionals at IEEE, incorporating GOLD's vision and operational requisites.

Our goal is to increase our members' affinity and understanding towards the profession by extending the range of activities and services offered, and to raise the profile of our group and the general awareness of IEEE through better interaction with existing and potential members. We are part of an international community, and our activities are designed to bring together members from different fields of science and education, different universities and different countries. You are very welcomed to be part of us and discover your utmost potential in our family.

»нститут инженеров - это не »нститут инжене√ровIn serving the GOLD, we recognize a simple but powerful truth: it is more blessed to give than to receive. We are called to do great things in life. However, we have to start with the little things first. Every day we are called to do small things with great passion.

Everyone can fulfill the vision of IEEE. We trust that all dreams about IEEE activity will come true soon. With the new framework in place we are all set to make our time a memorable for us!



If you want to be incrementally better: Be competitive.
If you want to be exponentially better: Be cooperative.


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