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Cooperation of GOLD and SBs

Graduates Of the Last DecadeGOLD is a program developed to help student members transition into young professionals. It helps young professionals to advance fast in their careers. GOLD offers programs and services to graduating students, recent graduates and young engineers. This group of young engineering professionals is a rallying call for all the members to unite under one platform, to network, collaborate, and fuel constructive discussion.

The IEEE Tomsk Student and GOLD committee organizes activities in cooperation with IEEE student branches aiming at:

providing members with networking opportunities
organizing seminars and workshops in collaboration with universities and local industry
developing skills that can boost your career
sharing knowledge
providing access to national and global IEEE resources

Our AG plans events that are of interest to someone who is building a career and portfolio, and wants to have a network, to meet people related to his field. Tomsk Chapter and Student Branch has further plans to organize such events as SIBCON and SIBINFO and field trips to enable students appreciate the relevance of what they learn at lectures. By including such programmes in our plans, we know that membership will increase and members will do their best to promote growth.

We invite Siberia young engineering community to unite for a fresh new perspective on the engineering life, after graduation. Check our News and Activities or contact us directly. Join the team of active volunteers, get leadership experience in organizing events and get to know local academic and industrial leaders!



If you want to be incrementally better: Be competitive.
If you want to be exponentially better: Be cooperative



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