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2008 Annual Report of Tomsk IEEE AP/ED/MTT/COM/EMC Chapter

1. Activity report for 2008

All reports during year was submitted via L-31 form.


1) The 11th IEEE-Russian scientific-practical conference of students, graduate students and young scientific "Modern technique and technology" (MTT'2008).
VENUE: Tomsk, Tomsk Polytechnic University
DATE: March 24-28, 2008
Techn. Sponsorship: ED-S


2) Student Paper Contest on Information Security (SIBINFO-2008)
CONTENTS: All-Russian Contest among students on IT specialties according the IEEE Region 8 rules.
VENUE and sponsor: Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR)
DATE: April 15-16, 2008

3-12) Tomsk IEEE Scientific Seminar.
PROGRAM: See L-31 forms
DATES: 01/12/2008, 03/29/2008, 04/12/2008, 05/31/2008, 09/13/2008, 09/20/2008, 09/29/2008, 10/15/2008, 10/19/2008, 10/29/2008
ATTENDANCE: Members: 5-10, Guests: 12-25

(3) SOCIAL ACTIVITIES (fund raising events, pizza parties, dances, etc.)

13) Seminar "Join the IEEE".
VENUE: Tomsk, Tomsk Polytechnic University
DATE: April 16, 2008
CONTENTS: Presentation of O.Stukach


14) Dr. O. Stukach was participated at the Region 8 Chapters Meeting in Athens, Greece, May 31 - June 2, 2008

15) Dr. L. Babak was participated at the European Microwave Week and MTT-S Chapter Chairs Meeting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, October, 2008.

TOTAL: (1) - 1 ; (2) - 11; (3) - 1; (4) - 1

For the next year our Chapter is planning to take part in organization and participation in the IEEE-Siberian workshop of students,
post-graduate students and young researches in Communications and Control (SIBCON) and the Student Paper Contest on the Information Security (SIBINFO). This is the main events among other our Chapter activities. Other planning activities for the next year are:

- providing information in TUSUR and TPU about IEEE and benefits of IEEE membership;
- participating in contests;
- recruiting new members;
- making contacts with other Chapters in Russia and abroad.

The primary purpose of our Chapter is attracting new members. The specific goals for coming years are participating in conferences,
promotion IEEE activities in Siberia and looking for a sponsorship of our events.

2. Officer report for 2009

Chair Roman V. Mescheriakov
Vice-Chair Oleg V. Stukach
Secretary Olesya A. Kozhemyak
Treasurer Oleg V. Stukach
Membership Activity Roman V. Mescheriakov
Profess. Activity German S. Sharygin
Education Activity Alexander A. Shelupanov
Student Activity Olesya A. Kozhemyak
Webmaster Oleg V. Stukach

Tomsk State University of CSR
TPU, 40 Lenin Avenue, Tomsk, 634050, Russia
Tel.: +7-3822-421141
Fax : +7-3822-421141

Number of chapter members - 40

Roman V. Mescheriakov
Oleg V. Stukach
Date: December 6, 2008

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