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KRASNOYARSK is the center of the vast Krasnoyarsk region, it is the second biggest city in Siberia and a powerful industrial center. There are about 950,000 inhabitants. Krasnoyarsk was founded in 1628. The city lies along Yenisey River - one of the most beautiful and powerful rivers of Siberia. It is surrounded by mountains, giving a very interesting flavor to the city views.
Siberian Federal University is the biggest in Siberia. The university benefits from an investment of $650 million, including funding from the Government and businesses. With over 47,000 students and 3,329 lecturers, as well as 2,087 employees with Sc.D. and Ph.D. degrees, the University offers 230 programs at various university levels. SFU researchers are currently involved in a number of projects conducted together with the European Space Agency, NASA, European Council, National Institute for Environmental Studies (Japan), etc. Web site of SFU is
Krasnoyarsk also amazes with the hospitality of local people. Around the city people enjoy a wild and beautiful environment such as unique forms of the ancient rocks, crystal clear mountain and taiga rivers, mineral springs and lakes. Many square kilometers of the land are covered by deep conifer wood (taiga) visited only by hunters. A national park, "Stolby", is one of the most famous recreational sites in Siberia.
More about Krasnoyarsk may be learned at Web site

The conference will be held in the Siberian Federal University. See for details.

Siberian Federal University
office B-408, 28 Kirenskogo Str.,
Krasnoyarsk, 660074, Russia


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