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Achievements of Russia Siberia Section



Sections Meeting in St.-PetersburgOne of the accomplishments of our Section was the Siberian Conference on Control and Communications (SIBCON). This successful event has been a motive for similar activities and further achievments.

Establishment of Chapters

Among other recent event we can mention the formation of new chapters in Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg. Although these chapters have only recently been established, they have proven quite active.

Scientific Sessions

Our Joint Chapters has held some scientific sessions last years. It is to be mentioned that although the Control Society Chapter has not been established yet, the branch has also held a scientific session related to control engineering by and we hope our activities result in the formation of Control and Computer Engineering Chapter.

Student Paper Contest

Our Students in Tomsk Student Branches have been quite active on this contest as you may know the Regional Student Paper Contest is one of the most important activities in Region 8. By participating in this contest, students can improve both written and oral communication skills, interest with local section representatives, have a chance to present their work in front of experts and many other benefits. These advantages result in a high interest among students in our branch.

One of the main goals of our branches in the past was increase in number of student members. Approaching to these goals was not easy but with advertisement on the many benefits of IEEE membership the number of student members increased heavily.

First Meeting
Five years birthday
Letter of Siberia Section formation
New units in Section
Problems and Desired Support


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