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IEEE Membership Benefits


Region 8, join the IEEE!Joining the IEEE bring a lot of benefits. Making part of such a large family, networking with peers around the world, exchanging ideas, reading on the latest advancements in technology in the monthly Spectrum, getting in-depth knowledge of cutting edge research through subscription in the numerous journals and transactions, attending conferences, following courses and tutorials online, finding job opportunities, etc, all contribute in creating better engineering and electronics professionals. The Section needs your participation to increase further the value you obtain from IEEE. Engage in the Section's activities throughout the year and volunteer to form part of the new committee. Inform your friends and colleagues of the benefits of joining IEEE. Indeed, you are IEEE and IEEE is you!

Comprised of young and ambitious future engineers and computer scientists, the Tomsk IEEE Chapter & Student Branch provides fertile ground for experience enriching activities. Through research, experimentation, and teamwork the Tomsk IEEE Chapter & Student Branch will open doors for you that will lead you into a very productive career.

As the Tomsk student you have the opportunity to be a part of exciting team. A good education requires more than just good grades. It is the application of your knowledge and your ability to solve practical problems that will give the advantage in your career. There is no better time to start pursuing your dreams than now! Join us as we shape the future of our world.
In order to get the most benefit from you participation in the Tomsk IEEE Chapter & Student Branch, it is recommended that you become the IEEE Member. The cost is minimal, but the benefits are countless:

IEEE WCET certification gives you the competitive edge in today's fast growing wireless industry. Now you can test yourself with the 75-question online practice exam. It's available now. Questions on the practice exam are similar to those used on the actual exam and can help you gauge your level of readiness. Bonus: Draft version of 260 page WEBOK (Wireless Engineering Body of Knowledge) book provided to each paid candidate purchasing the Practice Exam or applying for the WCET certification exam.
Apply now for IEEE WCET Certification Program!

Discover career opportunities and gain a better understanding of your field. – Internet television offering exclusive, members-only technical programming.
Gain the best common magazine – IEEE Spectrum (12 monthly issues (print) and online edition).
The Institute Newsletter – 12 monthly issues (4 print, 8 online).
IEEE Potentials Magazine – research an innovation from students.
IEEE Xplore – search and abstract access to 1.2-million documents
Access world-class technical information provided by the IEEE and cut down your research time.
Join IEEE technical societies in your fields of interest.
myIEEE – Click on the myIEEE image, then login to your personal IEEE Web Page using your IEEE Web Account. This page has been designed just for you – with direct links to most of the IEEE services you need to manage your membership and access the IEEE services you have signed up for.
Numerous awards and scholarships.
Stay with online resources available to members only – for technical information, planning a career, or your IEEE-e-mail.
Network with colleagues and future employers in your field, gaining valuable leadership experiences and making career contacts.
Save money with substantial discounts on more than 15 000 IEEE books, journals, videos, and self-study courses.
Save money with the IEEE Reduced Dues Discount – IEEE Student members graduating with their first professional degree receive a 50 % discount off IEEE and Society membership dues the first year after graduation.

Magazines and Article Subscriptions
As an IEEE member, you automatically receive the following in your mailbox:

IEEE Spectrum Magazine:
This magazine is a monthly "must-read" magazine concerning today's technology professionals, exploring the developing applications and implications of new technology.

The Institute:
This is the IEEE member newspaper. This keeps you up to date on the industry and IEEE happenings. Quarterly print issues are delivered with your copies of IEEE Spectrum, with monthly updates posted online.

IEEE Potentials:
IEEE Potentials is the magazine for technology's rising innovators. It covers the latest global research, as well as business and career issues. This is a bi-monthly magazine and is available to students in the U.S and Canada at no charge. Others may subscribe for a small fee.

These are wonders that serve you well when it comes to thinking of ideas on what to do for your thesis.

Web Access

As members we need to have an IEEE Web Account in order to log on to the IEEE membership web site and review or modify our member services profile. Web accounts are also needed to access many member-only services available on the web. If you already have an IEEE web account, make sure you keep your logon name and password handy. If you do not have an IEEE web account, you can register on-line and obtain one - just click on the graphic. It is important that we keep our logon name and password confidential so that others can not interfere with our IEEE membership records.

You are also issued an exclusive web account available to IEEE members only where you can have access to the following:

IEEE Xplore:

As an IEEE member, you have access to tables of contents, abstracts and indexes from nearly all IEEE publications through IEEE Xplore. IEEE Xplore provides full-text access to IEEE transactions, journals, magazines and conference proceedings published since 1988 plus select content back to 1950, and all current IEEE Standards.

What's New @ IEEE:

For even more of the latest technical news online, What's New @ IEEE brings you ten free, opt-in email newsletters, providing updates on industry and technology news, career advice, member benefits and more. As an IEEE member you have exclusive access to this email newsletter.

IEEE Job Site

The IEEE Job Site matches your skill set with online job listings. Whether actively pursuing a new position, or just keeping an eye on the job market, it's the most relevant job site for professionals like you. Create a personal profile and this online service will send you an email when a job listing matches your criteria. At IEEE Job Site, you can further subscribe to IEEE Career Alert, a weekly email newsletter from What's New @ IEEE and the editors of IEEE Spectrum, containing career advice plus the job of the week from the IEEE Job Site.

Section and Chapter Activities

You automatically become a member of your local IEEE section if you join the IEEE. The IEEE has 300 local sections and more than 1000 technical Chapters globally. When you become a member, you can contact your IEEE section and begin building a network that will last throughout your career. In the growing
number of IEEE sections throughout the world, groups of young professionals meet to help each other establish their careers. These groups meet and organize events ranging from career development and financial planning to workshops and social events. As an IEEE member, you have access and have the ability to attend these activities.

Join IEEE Women in Engineering to help support the advancement of women in technical and scientific professions and recognize the achievement of women in the field.

E-mail Alias

As an IEEE member, you are also entitled to a free member e-mail alias. This exclusive member benefit identifies you as an IEEE member with an email address while forwarding all incoming mail to your real internet account. All incoming attachments are automatically scanned for viruses with the latest antivirus software.

IEEE Awards and Scholarships

Gain recognition and enhance your resume with an IEEE Award or Scholarship. Up to US $250,000 is awarded to IEEE Student Members per year! Programs are available for undergraduate and graduate students, and also include student paper contests and IEEE Student Branch Contests.

Additional Programs:
GOLD (Graduates Of the Last Decade)
E-Mail and Communications Services (including IEEE Web Accounts and What's New @ IEEE for Students)
Other IEEE Products and Services


We are here to build a friendly atmosphere, increase number of young industry engineers, encourage Chapters and Student Branches to enhance their activities and continue implementing best practices


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