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Letter of Siberia Section formation


28 February 2003

Sections Meeting in St.-PetersburgYuri V. Gulyaev
Russian Academy Of Sciences
Inst Of Radio Eng & Electronics
Mohkovaya Str 11
103907 Moscow

Dear Yuri

I am writing to inform you that at their meeting of 13 February, the IEEE Regional Activities Board approved the formation of the IEEE Russia (Northwest) Section and the IEEE Russia (Siberia) Sections. The Sections will be informally known as the St. Petersburg and Siberia Sections, respectively.

At the time of the formation of the St. Petersburg Section, the following subunits were assigned to the new Section:

AP/ED/MTT Chapter (St. Petersburg)
AES/IE/C/EMC/PE Chapter (St. Petersburg)
BT/CAS/COM Chapter (St. Petersburg)
LEO Chapter (St. Petersburg)

The St. Petersburg Section's boundaries include postal codes: 161000 - 169999; 173000 - 175999; 180000 - 199999; 236000 - 236999; 238000–238999. The interim chairperson for the St. Petersburg Section is Alexander Mikerov (

The following subunits were assigned to the new Siberia Section:

PE Chapter (Irkutsk)
ED/MTT/COM/CPMT/SSC Chapter (Novosibirsk)
LEOS Chapter (Novosibirsk)
AP/ED/MTT/COM/EMC Chapter (Tomsk)
Novosibirsk State Tech Univ Student Branch
Novosibirsk State Tech Univ (ED-015) Student Branch Chapter
Novosibirsk State Tech Univ (SSC-037) Student Branch Chapter
Novosibirsk State Tech Univ (PEL-035) Student Branch Chapter
Novosibirsk State Tech Univ (LEOS-036) Student Branch Chapter
Novosibirsk State Techn Univ (ED-015) Student Branch Chapter
Tomsk State Univ Control Systems & Radioelectronic Student Branch
Siberian State Univ Of Telecom&Informat (COM-019) Student Branch Chapter
Biysk Technological Institute Student Branch
Tomsk Polytechnic Univ Student Branch

The Siberia Section's boundaries include postal codes 454000 to 460000 and 620000 to 694923. The interim chairperson of the Siberia Section is Vasily Pribylov (

All other members residing in Russia are assigned to the existing Russia Section of which you are the Chair. The following subunits remain within the Russia Section:

Moscow Power Eng Inst Student Branch
AP/ED/MTT/CPMT Chapter (Saratov)
AP/ED/MTT/CPMT/SSC Chapter (Nizhny)
AP03 Chapter
BT02 Chapter
C16 Chapter
CAS04 Chapter
COM19 Chapter
ED15/MTT17 Chapter
EM14 Chapter
GRS29 Chapter
IE13/PE31/PEL35 Chapter
IT12 Chapter
LEO36 Chapter
PC26 Chapter
SP01 Chapter
UFFC20 Chapter
GOLD Affinity Group

I hope that the volunteer leadership of the Russia Section will consider the possibility of a slight change of name to reduce confusion. One name that was previously suggested was the "IEEE Russia (Central) Section". I would appreciate hearing from you what would be the preferred name and we can submit a request for approval to the Regional Activities Board to approve the name change at their meeting in June.

I hope that you will join with me and the rest of the Region 8 leadership in wishing the newly formed Sections a very successful future.


Anthony C. Davies

cc: W. C. Anderson - Vice President, Regional Activities
H. Lantsberg - Vice Chair, Russia Section
C. Jankowski - Managing Director, Regional Activities
T. Hawkins - Manager, Section/Chapter Support

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