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Region 8, join the IEEE!IEEE itself is a community for Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering professionals. Engineering is all about innovation to benefit the mankind. We need to pay attention to the world around us to see where our innovative abilities should take us to - create a better living environment and neighborhood for ourselves!

As the social organizations committee, we aim to maintain the friendship, increase the bonds between members, arrange events to make members to know each new members etc. These are mainly done by activities that require either individual brilliance or team spirit but all these activities require some devotion of people. Therefore by the help of these activities, people share more and more moments together, making new friendships, experiences memories that are unforgettable.

By maintaining the friendship and teamwork spirit, self-devotion on projects that are carried out are increased significantly, therefore effectiveness and amount of success is highly increased by the help of participants which means that success and effectiveness of the social organizations committee directly has an effect on the success of the overall IEEE.

An active member is a vital resource for the Section. We hope to be able to continuously expand our Section in order to be able to provide more value to the Section members. We also think the best measure of the success of a Section is the growth in its membership. We think we need to learn to be more active in recruiting new volunteers from among the membership.

Get involved today! Explore where your profession can take you to! Professional development never stops in your career and here is the best place to start. Contact your local Chair or myself if you have questions or want to participate in our activities. Something that interests you likely interests other young professionals. Want to find out more about various fields of Electrical, Electronic, and Computer Engineering? Want to find out the latest trends of technological development? Need help in establishing professional connections elsewhere in the world or when moving out of town? Want to meet other young professionals across the nation or even the world? There is no other way better than getting involved with IEEE.

We are here to build a friendly atmosphere, increase number of young industry engineers, encourage Chapters and Student Branches to enhance their activities and continue implementing best practices


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