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IEEE Novosibirsk Student Branch


To reach out to its younger members, the IEEE encourages students to establish a local university branch. Novosibirsk Student Branch is one of more than 1,600 IEEE student branches at leading academic Universities worldwide. It was founded by the efforts of a few students of electrical engineering and the aid of few members of the teaching staff. The IEEE Novosibirsk SB was founded in the academic year 1999-2000. Since then, the Branch has been one of the most active branches established under Russia Siberia Local Section. Siberia Section in turn does occupy a significant situate among many other sections in Region 8 intended to cover the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Since inception, the Novosibirsk has distinguished herself as a reputable forum for students in electrical, electronics, and computer engineering and related fields. We form the link between students and the IEEE societies. We take on the responsibility of promoting knowledge, and bringing the professional world closer to students. Our primary aims are:

to inform students about the IEEE;
to put students in touch with their relevant industries in Siberia;
to assist students in the development of career searching skills;
to allow students to meet others in their course.

Our goal is to disseminate the knowledge of the theory and practice of all aspects of electrical engineering, computers, electronics, radio, allied branches of engineering or the related arts and sciences, as well as to further the professional development of members. For more information on how to apply for a membership, talk to any one of our branch's officers, or join online.

Novosibirsk Student Branch represents and fulfills the needs of its members and promotes the technical, professional and educational development of electrotechnology and allied sciences in Novosibirsk. The Branch is run by numerous volunteers every semester. Feel free to talk to us about any questions you may have about the Novosibirsk Student Branch, or the IEEE itself.

The Novosibirsk Student branch has been the most active student branch in the region, leading and organizing lots of outstanding activities, and helping IEEE members to make full use of awards and opportunities provided by IEEE, Novosibirsk Student Branch officers also helped establishing student branches in other universities here in Novosibirsk. Our branch is highly active in Siberia Section and has been successful in exposing the actual professional experience. The strategy of the branch is to handle a series of activities, facilitate a series of services for the sake of its members getting them to cape up with the new technologies emerging everywhere. If you hope you have the dedication to help us in our activity, then we invite you to contact us and join our team as a committee member. Please look for position advertisements appropriate for you. We are promising you gain valuable event management experience and training in interpersonal relations besides gaining edge knowledge of technology. We have our own IEEE Library, which hosts copies of some IEEE publications.

For now our activities are concentrated on holding seminars and meetings, attending national and international conferences and exhibitions. Novosibirsk SB organized lots of social as well as scientific activities,
including courses and tutorials. Sometime we provide meetings, discussions and activity planning take place in near future. Novosibirsk members meet and learn from fellow students as well as faculty members and professionals in different fields, this is to help them improve their technical familiarity as well as communication skills.Also, we are going to organize different activities with the other branches in Siberia in order to spread our work all around the country.

Recently we have expanded and grown both in membership numbers and connections with the engineering at large. We work hard to bring many resources and information to you through information seminars, social events, meetings with company representatives, industry and academic awards, industry feedback. These events are aimed at increasing the qualities of the student engineers. So, get involved with us!

Through continuous study of members needs, public discussion and successful realization of a meaningful program increase the level of active student involvement, acquire a broad support from Novosibirsk members and local industry.

Region 8, join the IEEE!The Novosibirsk IEEE Student Branch is quite young – we was celebrate its 10 year in 2010. For such a young organization, we have been quite successful – check the activities section to get the picture of our work. Currently, we have 20 members, many of them coming from the KIBEVS Department of TUSUR. We are struggling to gather more and more people, so that we become a stronger organization. We invite student members from all other disciplines of engineering in our University to join us. You can also volunteer at the office and be part of the rich IEEE culture.

Our main goal is to become a strong organization to support the student needs and requirements, to help them get together with each other, to help them speak about their problems and to make their voices heard. We want to encourage them to talk to their professors in a more constructive way, because we believe that a successful University cannot exist without a good relationship between its members - students, professors, deans, rectors.

What does an IEEE Student Branch?

Next to promoting and supporting the IEEE student membership, a student branch:
• organizes events (symposia, lectures, seminars, study-tours etc.);
• organizes Student Professional Awareness Conferences & activities (S-PAC & S-PAA)
• lets its members participate in the IEEE Awards programs;
• organizes local paper contests & participate in regional paper contests;
• uses the world-wide IEEE network to help students find internship positions abroad;
• create different affinity groups to which students relate and where activities are organized.

We have many good ideas for both conferences and parties, for both scientific and sporting events, and we need more people to help us organize all of these. If you are an electrical, electronic and communications, computer systems, mechanical or power engineering student, why not become a member? Joining us will give you a unique opportunity to experience first hand what we do, as well as learning professional engineering and business skills. Eventually, all of what preceded is to give our members a hand in charting their expected careers catching better jobs after graduation. Thanks to everyone that has or willing to spend his time trying to improve this branch and hope all members to help us doing what is good to our nation.For more information, please be on the look out on our website.

Branch Membership

The membership of the student branch is absolutely free. You only have to pay for the membership of IEEE. If you are member of the local student branch you have privileges for every event. Usually the events are open for everybody but if we would have restrictions the members of the branch will be invited first.

We are here to build a friendly atmosphere, increase number of young industry engineers, encourage Chapters and Student Branches to enhance their activities and continue implementing best practices


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