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Dmitry Zykov
Dmitry D. Zykov Contact Information   Chair of the Tomsk IEEE Chapter & Student Branch
Secretary of the Scientific Program Committee of Student Paper Contest and Conference on Information Security (SIBINFO)

Head of TCAD Laboratory in TUSUR.
Head of R&D Microwave Center in TUSUR.
Candidate of Technical Sciences (Ph.D), Associate Professor.
22 papers are published: 8 papers, 14 abstracts, 3 textbooks.
Dmitry D. Zykov
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Dr. Dmitry D. Zykov
40 Lenin Avenue
Tomsk, 634050

Member, IEEE

Scientific Activities   Educational Activities

• Managing research and university-industry projects.
• Established EDA direction. Created TCAD Laboratory.

Some publications:
Zykov D.D., Osipov K.Y. (2010). Electronic Design Automation for RF ASICs (TCAD Basics). Textbook.
Zykov D.D. (2010). Informational Security Problem in Nano-electronics production. Proceedings of TUSUR 21 (1).
Zykov D.D., Shelupanov A.A. (2007) Studying The System Of Pipe Header Telemechanics on the Basis of Communication Network of GSM Standard. Bulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University 311-5.

  • Teaching courses: Flexible Automated Systems and Robotics; Reliability, Test and Diagnosis of Electronic Computational Systems and Software; System Programming.
•Developing educational programs. Organizing the scientific conferences and competitions for students and postgraduates.
• Theory and Technique of the Information Protection. Course of lectures and laboratory classes on modern software and technique information protection system and processes.

2004–present Associate Prof., KIBEVS Department, TUSUR
2007              PhD in Automation, TUSUR
2004–2006     Programmer, EleSy Ltd.
2004              System Engineer degree, TUSUR

Training courses
2011 Advance Device Modeling using Synopsys TCAD; Digital and Custom IC Design Flow with Synopsys EDA Tools; FPGA Design (certificate of Synopsys Educational Department)
2011 Nano-electronics: Current State and Prospects of Development (state certificate)
2010 Automated Design of Integrate Circuits with Synopsys EDA Tools (MIET, Moscow)
2009 Management of Innovative Projects and Commercialization of Science Intensive Technologies (state certificate)
2008 Securing Commerce Information of Enterprise" (Moscow)

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