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Join us!

Are you encouraged in an electrical, electronics or computer related field? Do you want successful in your discipline? Do you want to develop your technical and leadership skills? Do you like social activities?

If your answer is YES, so why do you wait?

Join us and be a part of IEEE.
Do not wait for sing up because we always wait for you!

When you signup to IEEE and it's Societies, the first thing you will probably notice is our dedication to providing a unexpectedly high level of technical and actual information. We always ready to doctrine in regards to support and invite you to e-mail us before you signup and get a feel of the type of support we offer. You can use IEEE online courses and we will respond to your questions within all days.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics EngineersThe TUSUR and TPU Tomsk Student Branches were founded in 2000 to provide Tomsk students access to the IEEE benefits. Our goal is to provide the Tomsk members with resources (both academic and social), which will assist them in finding technical careers in a changing marketplace. Through the use of workshops, conferences, journals and networking opportunities provided by IEEE, the Tomsk branches has quickly grown and now includes members from many technical areas including: computers, communications, electrical engineering, and microwave.

Why anyone is the IEEE member or any professional community? Some are members for the prestige associated with the Institution. However most become members in the hope of connecting with colleagues and other professionals outside their immediate circle in their places of work. While knowledge is easily communicated through journals, magazines and books, wisdom is more difficult to acquire without associating in some way or other with other fellow and senior members of the profession.

Total number of IEEE members in Tomsk vs yearAll Tomsk IEEE Student Members automatically become SB Members (TPU or TUSUR). SBs of this Universities organises technical events, careers events, and social events - which are open to the entire student body. The branch is primarily aimed at undergraduates and postgraduates of electronics and computer science disciplines, but is also open to students of a wide range of sciences and engineering.

We would make your membership in the IEEE worthwhile and most cherished.

We are always looking for people who would like to play an active role in the IEEE Student Branch. If you are interested in planning activities, if you have ideas or wishes, or if you just want to meet interesting people, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Simply register your details with us and you will become an official member of the Student Branch, you will be added to the exclusive mailing list and be updated of all 'goings on' and upcoming events.

We aim to promote awareness of the IEEE through exciting and informative events ranging from technical seminars to careers events as well as socials and field trips. We cannot do this by ourselves alone. Please email us your thoughts and ideas. You will notice one common thread with our smart friends – Fantastic World!


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