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Tomsk IEEE Chapter

Mission of the Tomsk Joint Chapter & Student Branch

The Tomsk Joint Chapter & Student Branch was established in 2000 to provide the Tomsk IEEE members an access to the strengths of IEEE. The YP Affinity Group in Siberia Section has been established in 2001. Upholding the spirit of IEEE, we hope to serve our members better and at the same time further enhance IEEE good name in our universities.

Our mission is:

Promotion of the IEEE and the activities it makes through its several technical and geographical entities;
The spreading of knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of electrical, electronical and computer engineering, related engineering branches and related sciences;
Additional learning options for an improved professional development of its members.

Our goal is to provide the Tomsk IEEE members with resources (both academic and social), which will assist them in finding technical careers in a changing marketplace. Through the use of workshops, conferences, journals and networking opportunities provided by IEEE, the Tomsk Chapter has quickly grown and now includes members from many technical areas including: microwave technique, antennas, communications, control systems, electron devices etc.

The Tomsk IEEE Members range from undergraduates to doctorate studies students. We are very active at Universities as well as off Universities. Besides membership, some of our members are members of technical societies also. The most popular societies are MTT-S, ED-S, ComSoc, CS-S, PE-S, and AP-S. We actively participate in the Siberia Section of the IEEE, as well as in our region, region 8 that is. On this Web site, you will find information about the Tomsk Chapter and Student Branch and its highlights.

The biggest problem for us right now is to draw in new members. Also, we need to get current members more involved. We wish to increase our publicity by posting newsletters and distributing flyers. We would like also to publish events on the internal bulletins and newspapers.

We're always looking for energetic and creative people to join the officer core. If you're interested, or would like to find out more, feel free to email us.

We expand career horizons by hosting informative seminars designed to help the members develop valuable industrial contacts and technical skills. Encourage team effort while participating in several technical events like paper submissions or hardware/software design!



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