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Why join?

Why would I be a member?

SIBINFO, flagship event of the Tomsk ChapterDue to the rapid developments in the field of electrical engineering, information technology, and microelectronics, today's engineers and computer scientists strongly rely on the steady supply of actual information about new technic and technologies. In contrast to national engineer associations such as the Popov Society, the IEEE acts as a worldwide organization. One of the main goals of the IEEE is the dissemination of scientific issues and publications, and furthermore, the support of conferences and workshops. The IEEE Student Branch is dedicated to students who are interested in technical or scientific publications and in worldwide contacts. In particular, the IEEE periodicals (magazines) provide a good overview of the state of the art. The subscription to these IEEE publications and magazines are discounted up to 90 % off regular prices for IEEE student members. Therefore, technical information can be obtained at a good price-performance ratio.

Because you want to be part of the most successful engineering organization world-wide! Some hints:
guidance from respected people;
chance to do something interesting;
chance to start your engineering career;
chance to meet intelligent and fun people;
chance to realize your dreams!

If you are not convinced by now, let's add some more interesting facts:

- you will get access to all the technical events organized by our branch;
- you will get in contact with the industry representatives from Russia and outside, as we try to get more of them to present their companies and their model employee;
-you will get trial interviews from our partners in the industry;
- you will have the chance to become an officer and, someday, maybe the chair of our IEEE student branch;
- you will be invited to all the parties organized by our branch, as we know that students' life is not all about study;
- you will meet other students from the university and students from other universities in Russia and Europe.

SIBINFO, flagship event of the Tomsk ChapterWe try to improve our personal skills by organizing workshops and contacting companies. Whoever wants to actively participated in our work is highly welcomed! Of course, fun is not excluded, e.g. when having one of our regular meetings or at a barbecue.

We are constantly looking for more people to join us. If we want to be strong, if we want to be heard, we need a loud voice, the voice of a strong yet disciplined organization that supports and helps its members. Join us! If you need more information, drop us an e-mail and we will gladly answer your questions.

Join our Team!

IEEE student membership in our region is heavily discounted. Membership costs can be found online at Visit, and follow the 'Join IEEE as Student Member' link. You then need to sign up for an IEEE web account, where you will be asked to choose a username and password for use on the IEEE website. You can then sign up for your Student or Graduate Student membership. Remember to choose TPU or TUSUR as your School/University - this ensures that your membership is associated with this student branch. If you experience any problems joining the IEEE, please use the contact page to let us know.

If you have ideas for activities of the student branch like to organize events are interested in the IEEE society or if you just want to have a closer look at our work just contact us! We will be happy to get to know you!



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