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Tomsk Chapter Vision

Tomsk IEEE Joint Chapter is a unique element providing its members with a rare opportunity to develop interpersonal skills, leadership experience, knowledge of international environment and a broad view on the electrotechnology profession at the same time and place. The role of these factors in the successful entry into the job market in Siberia has been considerably increased recently.

Tomsk IEEE Joint Chapter vision: to become an Organization which is recognized by companies, Institutions, professionals and the general public as a leaders in the spreading of Scientifical and technological knowledge.

Tomsk Chapter helps its members to build contacts with leading electrotechnology professionals in the local and international industry and academia.

Tomsk Chapter simplifies access to and saves cost of excellent IEEE technical, professional and educational materials for its members by means of our own budget and financial aid from the IEEE Headquarters and IEEE Siberia Section. Chapter gives its members an opportunity to meet informally and learn from fellow students and faculty members during business meetings and parties.
Our problems are low members activity, poor adaptation of English-based written material to local Russian needs and a limited cash resource.

The Tomsk Chapter will have to focus its membership drive on master and undergraduate students who usually have more free time and more eager to learn from seniors than doctor students contributing the bulk of the current membership.

We have build the following program of activities: IEEE International Siberian Conference on Control and Communications SIBCON; Student Paper Contest and Conference on the Information Security SIBINFO; The Tomsk IEEE Seminar on Modeling, Design and Control Systems; study trips to local industries or research laboratories; technical lectures by internationally recognized professors on various topics; participation at the technical conferences in Russia and abroad; maintenance of the Chapter e-mail alias and website.

Detailed information about the mentioned and other IEEE activities in Tomsk is available at this Website or via email. Everybody is welcome to join our activities. We are also opened for cooperative proposals from other Chapters, Student branches, university clubs, other organizations and individuals. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We work hard, just to serve you better!



We will encourage the development of future technology workers, academically, and professionally. We will encourage networking to exchange ideas that lead to innovation. We will encourage personal and academic development by exchanging ideas. We will encourage reaching out and helping others



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