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Exclusive Benefits for the Tomsk IEEE Members

Over 73000 students in over 150 countries worldwide are members of the IEEE - the world's largest technical society. As an IEEE Student member you enjoy privileges that will give you the competitive edge you need to succeed in your career. Here are some of the benefits IEEE membership brings you:
Serp i Molot IEEE Attend technical talks on a variety of subjects
Serp i Molot IEEE Expand your technical knowledge
Serp i Molot IEEE Attend various trips to local engineering companies
Serp i Molot IEEE Become a member of a world renown international organisation; the largest of its kind
Serp i Molot IEEE Participate in university and regional competitions with IEEE sponsorship
Serp i Molot IEEE Learn first hand about the latest technological developments
Serp i Molot IEEE Improve networking skills
Serp i Molot IEEE Access to the industry's most essential technical information
Serp i Molot IEEE Career development tools (the IEEE Job Site and career publications)
Serp i Molot IEEE Plus it looks great on your CV as it shows that you're serious about professional development!

We give away free admission or special discounts to our student members to every activity organized by IEEE Tomsk Chapter such as workshops, talks, seminars, trips and etc. We provide certificates to all student members in recognition of your membership.

For the best work in the Tomsk IEEE SB committees your IEEE membership fees will be partially subsidized. We also provide free admission to our annual dinner. Certificates will also be issued in recognition of your hard work and dedication to the student branch and chapter. Also you can receive the following.

  • Student membership prices reflect the 50% discount on all society memberships and the 25% discount on optional society publications
    Your membership gives you access to ther world's most comprehensive source of electrical and electronics publications, specialized books, conference records and published standards. IEEE provides some of the best technical information in the world and your membership entititles you to low prices on all of it;

  • Student members receiving their first professional degree after 1990 may qualify for the graduated dues plan with discounted dues for five years after graduation, designed to easily fit into the young engineer's budget;

  • Access to the world's most comprehensive source of electrical, electronic and computer engineering publications;

  • Networking – meeting members and industry leaders to discuss today's technical and professional issues;

  • Student membership provides students the opportunity to meet practicing professionals and active members in industry while still attending school;

  • Student Members may attend Society-sponsored meetings, conferences, and section meetings at a reduced price or free of charge;

  • Student Members receive substantial discounts on textbooks, reference books, and other Society publications;

  • Student Members may apply for financial assistance from Society-sponsored scholarship programs. Nearly a quarter of a million dollars is awarded each year;

  • is an Internet broadcasting network made possible by the members of IEEE. produces and delivers special-interest programming about technology and engineering;

  • Student members receive one free e-mail account;

  • IEEE SPECTRUM magazine and the INSTITUTE
    Winner of four prestigious National Magazine awards, Spectrum delivers to you each month the latest technological information with behind-the-scenes stories to put the news in context. Potentials discusses carees issues and other subjects of interest to those starting out in the electrical and computer engineering professions;

  • IEEE POTENTIALS magazine
    Potentials is included with U.S. and Canadian Student membership and is optional for all other IEEE Student members;

  • Enhance yous career by networking with technical experts;

  • Improve communication, research and writing skills by participating in IEEE student paper contests, awards and scholarships;

  • Gaining valuable leadership experience and developing interpersonal skills by getting involved in Branch activities;

  • Prestige and recognition of being involved in the world's largest professional technical organization;

  • Participate in Student Branch activities and in local, professional Section and Chapter meetings where members meet members and industry leaders to discuss technical and professional issues and career concerns;

  • Attend top technical conferences at low member rates
    Accept invitations to attend and participate in numerous technical conferences in a variety of technical interest areas as well as educational seminars, technical and professional programs and courses;

  • Establish yourself early in the profession's premier technical organization
    IEEE members are the technical and scientific professionals making revolutionary engineering advances which are reshaping our world today;

  • Student Members are automatically upgraded to Graduate status. Graduates (GSM) will be offered the opportunity to renew their membership for one additional year after graduation at the Student Member rate. GSM will receive all the benefits available to Associate Members;

  • IEEE is one of the most prestigious technical / professional organizations in the world and being an IEEE Student Member isconsidered a noteworthy achievement by industry professionals and executives.

To enable young professionals who join IEEE as students to maintain their membership through the early years of their career, IEEE provides a graduated dues program. When you graduate with your first orofessional degree, with no interruption to your IEEE membership, you may be eligible for up to four years of reduced IEEE dues and assessments.


If you are not yet convinced, there are some more things we have to offer:

you will get guidance in your future career from IEEE members in your field (with the support of IEEE Siberia, we have gathered a group of
professors and teaching assistants willing to help you understand the challenges you will be facing);

you will get help and counseling in preparing your CV for future interviews;

you will get recommendation letters from the Student Branch;

you will get support with the design of your web page and, possibly, with its hosting;

you will get to meet non-engineers at conferences that we are organizing twice a year.

We would like to attract more members, especially more faculties of our universities.

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