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Become a Sponsor - support the Tomsk Chapter & Student Branch!

We invite corporations, laboratories, universities, and other entities to support the missions of the Chapter through annual web-page sponsorships. We will acknowledge your support to our key technical audience. Your name and logo will appear on the web pages of your choice, at the top of our right-hand column of announcements. We would be pleased to have your support.

Use this Web Site and E-mal list to reach your audience

Tomsk Chapter & Student Branch has a working relationship with engineers and managers. These professionals look to us for information on technical developments in our fields, for new publications and conferences, and for news of local and regional events. We accept paid announcements of events not sponsored by Tomsk Chapter & SB, such as workshops and symposia of other organizations. Newly published books and monographs can be promoted through this means. New products can be announced.

Let the Tomsk Chapter & Student Branch become your partner in helping to reach your audience among technologists in our areas of focus.

Join events and sponsorship of our conferences

We cordially invite companies, institutes and other organizations for join events and sponsorship of our conferences.

Since our society is a non-profit organization, our Student Branch is really in need of sponsors to help us bear the cost of organizing activities. In return for the support, we will help to
promote your organization during the whole event;
provide man power for future activities organized by your organization in our university;
enhance the good name of your organization to our university's community.

Every year Tomsk Student Branch plans an extraordinary Membership recruiting event. The event is very similar to a career fair, with a view minor differences. The Membership event gives a chance for students to meet others in similar backgrounds in a casual setting.

Often, students have a chance to talk to classmates who otherwise would not interact on a ordinary day. The event gives faculty a chance to leave behind the rigid structure of classrooms and office hours and interact with students on a casual basis.

We are grateful to all companies for generously supporting our activities in all these years. The TC & Student Branch invites local, national, and international companies to directly communicate with students. Companies send 1-2 representatives to talk with students and collect resumes. This gives the students a chance to interact and practice their interview skills while in a casual environment.

We would like to get more industry partners involved in our activities. We want more and more companies and managers to join our events, to come to talk to us, to present their work, their challenges, their success stories and their failure stories. We need their help and we hope they can understand that our members will become their employees.

Dear company representative, invest money in the future generation, while still getting the benefits now! If your company would like to get involved in our programs, please send an intention letter to our email.

The intention letter should contain your company name, a contact name, and the participation offer and possible requirements. If you plan to sponsor events, please tell us the amount of money / material you are willing to contribute and if there are restrictions in their use (e.g., only share computers for a workshop). We will contact you as soon as we receive your offer. For long-term offers our representatives will be available for consultation.

We try to keep our partners close to us: with your consent, your company name will be mentioned during the event you sponsored, and your company logo will be placed on our web-site. We thank you very much for your help!

Interested in sponsoring the IEEE Tomsk Student Branch? Contact us via e-mail ! The student branch is the ideal way for your company to get in touch with soon-to-be engineers.

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