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Tomsk IEEE Chapter
The Tomsk-IEEE Seminar "The Intellectual Systems of Modeling, Design and Control"

February 27

1. S.S. Yerokhin, "Models and Techniques of Audit of the Electronic Commerce Objects".
2. S.Yu. Iskhakov, "Models and Software of the Estimation of loading of the Public Health Services Network".

March 13

1. P.A. Renzhin, "The Copyright Technique Protection of the Latent Embedding of the Image in Video by Random Parts".
2. A.S. Romanov, "Techniques and Software for Identification of the Unknown Text Author".

March 27

1. O.V. Stukach, "Modeling and Optimization of the Microwave Control Devices".
2. A.A. Avdeev, "Medic-Biological system".

April 10

1. N.G. Panfilov, "Automation of Pipeline with Vibrating Influence".
2. E.A. Moshnikov, "The Acoustic-Electrical Transformations in the Electron Devices as an Information Leakage Channel".

April 17

1. O.O. Yevsyutin, "Algorithms of Dynamics of the Cellular Automats in the Transformation Information Problems".
2. M.I. Melnikov, "The Distributed Computing Control System of Remote Industrial Points and Mobile Service Based on the Wireless Communication".
3. E.A. Moshnikov, "Acousto-Electro Transformations in the Electron Devices as the Information Leakage Channel".

May 15

1. V.S. Lakhodynov, "Algorithms of Evaluation and Forecasting of State Variables of Electro-Mechanical Objects Based on the Signal Regression Models".
2. K.V. Kartavtsev, "Model of the Determined Network of Robots".

May 22

1. S.S. Erokhin, "Technique of Audit of Information Safety of Electronic Commerce Objects".
2. P.V. Urbanovich, "Technique and Means of the Noise Electromagnetic Hindrance Formation".

November 13

1. A.V. Yeremenko, "Increase of Reliability of the PC Users Identification on Dynamics of the Passwords Writing".
2. S.V. Zhary, "Mathematical, Algorithmic Maintain and Software for Systems of Intrawarm Navigation at Treatment of Infringements of the Cardio-Rhythm".

November 20

1. S.G. Kataev, "Mathematical Methods and Numerical Algorithms for the Geophysical and Another Data Fields Based on Structures Allocation".
2. Z.V. Rodionova, "Models and Algorithms for the Automated Access Based on the Business Process Analysis".

November 27

1. M.I. Melnikov, "Concept Development of Scheduling System for Elevator Based on Interaction with Mobile Personnel".
2. N.G. Bulakhov, "Control and Protection Agaisst Computer Virus".

December 4

1. E.F. Shipunov, "Models, Algorithms and Software for the Early Diagnostics of Diseases".
2. M.A. Devyatkin, "The Complex System of Monitoring and Control of LNA Workstations".

December 18

1. S.Yu. Dorofeyev, "Algorithms and Software for the Matching Broadband Circuit Synthesis Based on the Genetic Algorithms".
2. K.V. Kartavtsev, "Automation Models and Means for the Sugar Production".

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