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Tomsk IEEE Chapter
The Tomsk-IEEE Seminar "The Intellectual Systems of Modeling, Design and Control"

January 15, 2005

1. D.V. Baranov, "Approach for the Risk Management".
2. D.V. Saveliev, "The Software Analysis on the "Easter Eggs".
3. D.D. Zykov, "A Problem of the Main Oil Pipeline Control in a Protected Mode".

February 5, 2005

A.Yu. Kornilov, "Control of the Speech Retrieve Process Basing of a Biological Feedback".

February 19, 2005

1. K.N. Filkin, "The Policy of the Distributed Systems".
2. A.V. Konev, "Extraction of the Keywords from the Flowed Voice".

February 26, 2005

1. A.Yu. Kornilov, "Control of the Speech Retrieve Process Basing of a Biological Feedback". Presentation of Ph.D. thesis.
2. I.A. Zemskov, "Modeling of the Internet Information Field Observation". Presentation of Ph.D. thesis.

March 19, 2005

1. D.Y. Larionov, "Methods and Algorithms for the Electrocardiogram Signal Analysis".
2. D.A. Ivanov, "Systems of the Information Transfer and Processing".

April 2, 2005

1. A.M. Andrianov, "Automation of Researches of Forecasting of the Mineral Stocks at Deposit Investigation".
2. K.S. Sarin, "The Axiomatic Theory for the Proof of the Software Properties. Formal Arithmetics, Dimensions".
3. E.Yu. Kostyuchenko, "The User Identification by the Mouse Signature".

April 16, 2005

1. A.M. Tereshkov, "Modeling of the Bio Feedback".
2. A.V. Shokarev, "Steganography problem. Digital Watermarks".

April 30, 2005

1. A.N. Kvasov, "Identification of the Dictor Gender on Voice Taking Account of Voice Creation".
2. A.S. Koblosh, "The Registration Problem at Digestive Stimulation".

May 14, 2005

1. D.A. Zykov, "The Control System for Oil Pipeline in the Protection Mode".
2. A.A. Kozub, "Global Navigating Satellite System GLONASS".
3. O.I. Galkin, "Automated Workplace for Certifying Center".
4. I.N. Efimov, "Service of the Protecting Catalogue for the Certifying Center".

May 28, 2005

1. D.V. Saveliev, "The Function Realization of Protection of the Open Operational Systems".
2. K.N. Filkin, "The Security Police Development".
3. A.S. Soluyanov, "Voice Creation and Individuality".
4. N.S. Vasyukov, "Investigation of the Algorithms of the Printed Text Author Identification".

June 4, 2005

1. S. Zhary, "Correction of Skews for 3D Cardiac Model".
2. S. Zhary, "The Complex Information Protection System "Krepost".

September 24, 2005

Joint Scientific-Methodical Seminar Devoted to Questions of Development, Methodical Filling and Using of Automated Education
Lecturers: V.V. Kruchinin, O.M. Ravodin, A.P. Zaitsev

October 1, 2005

1. A.V. Kaganjuk, "System of the Protected Document Circulation".
2. K.S. Sarin, "The Deductive Proofs of Software Properties Using of the Formal Axiomatic Theory".
3. D.N. Buintsev, "Methods of Software Protection Beyond of the Own Program Environment".

October 29, 2005

1. The Description Structure of a Voice Segment.
2. Recognition of the Announcer Gender on a Voice.

November 12, 2005

1. D.Yu. Larionov, "Methods of Identification of a QRS-Complex into Electro Cardiogram".
2. A.S. Koblosh, "Modeling of Radio-Frequency Process with Cooled Electrode".

November 30, 2005

1. D.D. Zykov, "System of Telemechanics for the Main Pipeline Based on GSM Communication".
2. E.Yu. Kostyuchenko, "Mathematical Approaches to Influence of the Voice Signal Parameters on Processes of Identification of the Announcer by the Voice and Speech Recognition".

December 10, 2005

1. T.V. Khohlova, "Development of Modeling Methods and the Software Complex for the Rehabilitation Therapy of Nerve Traumas".
2. D.N. Buintsev, "Software Protection Beyond the Own Program Environment".

December 24, 2005

1. K.N. Filkin, "Development of Mathematical Model of the Information Protection of the Hierarchical Distributed Systems".
2. A.A. Kozub, "The Mathematical Models of Routing Using of Technologies of Global Positioning System".

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