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Tomsk IEEE Chapter
The Tomsk-IEEE Seminar "The Intellectual Systems of Modeling, Design and Control"

January 30

S.N. Novikov, "The user information protection methodology based on network layer technology of multi-service networks".

February 20

1. D.S. Nikiforov, "Secure communication protocols in AMR".
2. Yu.V. Shablya, "The development of positive integer testing for primality algorithms using mathematical tools of generating functions".
3. I.A. Rahmanenko, "The speech feature study in the problem of speaker arbitrary text-based identification".

February 27

1. S.A. Cherepanov, "The study of routing problem for networks with heterogeneous communication lines".
2. K.S. Sarin, "Hybrid data analysis algorithm based on compact and precision fuzzy systems in terms of Takagi-Sugeno".

March 5

1. I.A. Lysenko, "The technology of MIC productivity enhancement using TCAD tools".
2. A.V. Glazkova, "Mathematical object classification modeling (Evidence from the categories of potential text recipients determining)".

March 19

1. Kharchenko S.S. "Model, algoritms and software for voice rehabilitation of patients".
2. Petrov A.A. "The distributed computing environment for a local network with decentralized control".

April 9

1. Antonov M.M. "The infoware and software of AMR for room thermal conditions control".
2. Novokhrestov A.K. "Model and methodology of evaluation of the computer network protection".
3. Ternovoy O.S. "The technique and means of early identifying and countering the information security against DDOS attacks".

April 16

1. M.I. Melnikov. "Self-organized wireless networks, protocols routing".
2. A.Yu. Iskhakov. "Technologies of the visitors identification in crowded places based on modern identification attributes".

April 30

1. A.O. Shumskaya. "The technique of the artificially created text identification".
2. A.V. Cherednichenko. "Modeling of elementary damage accumulation in loaded materials by 3D random stochastic automata".

May 14

1. A.R. Smolina. "The uniform technique of cyber forensics investigation".
2. A.E. Anfilofiev. "The original method of Angelov-Yager fuzzy approximator for self-education".
3. D.A. Antipov. "Band-stop filtration in the electromagnetic noise generator".

May 28

1. N.S. Egorshin. The report of 1st year postgraduate student.
2. D.M. Bokov. The report of 2nd year postgraduate student.

September 17

1. K.S. Sarin. "Hybrid data analysis algorithms based on compact and precision Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems".
2. D.V. Devyatyh. "The model of fetal electrocardiogram and program complex for noninvasive fetal electrocardiography".

October 8

1. S.A. Cherepanov. Report of 2nd year postgraduate student.
2. I.A. Lysenko. Report of 2nd year postgraduate student.

October 22

1. A.R. Smolina. "The method and algorithm supporting of the computer-technic expertise".
2. Ternovoy O.S. "Methods and means of the early find and information protection against DDOS attacks".

November 19

1. Yu.V. Shablya. Report.
2. A.V. Pastushkov. "Method, algorithm, and software for searching a scene in video stream".

December 10

1. A.E. Anfilofiev. Report.
2. A.Yu. Yakimuk. Report.

December 24

A.V. Yamshanov. "Model and methods of the parallel computing for design of the reliability diagnostic tests in the intellect systems of the support decisions with cognitive component".

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