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Tomsk IEEE Chapter
The Tomsk-IEEE Seminar "The Intellectual Systems of Modeling, Design and Control"

February 7

1. D.M. Bokov, "The report of 1st year postgraduate student".
2. A.P. Stefarov, "The standard model formation of the access control rule-breaker in automated systems".

February 28

1. S.S. Kharchenko, "The software package of oncology patients voice rehabilitation after the mouth cavity, oropharynx, and larynx organs surgeries".
2. D.A. Sagaidak, "The protection methods of digital visual information based on dividing the secret to unequal parts and digital watermarks embedding".

March 14

1. A.V. Borovkov, "Classifiers based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets".
2. S.Yu. Iskhakov, "The operation incidents identification of security systems complex network based on prediction".

March 28

1. D.A. Antipov, "The creation of electromagnetic noise generator with the frequencies cutout".
2. A.E. Anfylofev, "The use of weed optimization algorithm for finding the optimal coefficients of the discrete cosine transformation during the embedding information in images".

April 11

1. A.K. Novokhrestov, "The methodology of computer networks security assessment".
2. A.Yu. Yakimuk, "The automation software system of vocal training".
3. A.Yu. Iskhakov, "The methodology of strong authentication in ACS based on modern identification characteristics".

May 16

1. I.V. Stepanov, "Data leak prevention by acoustic and vibration acoustic channel".
2. T.V. Evsyutkin, "Fuzzy neural network classifier of low-contrast objects from satellite data as the example of cirrus clouds".

May 30

1. D.A. Wolf, "Model, numerical and software realization of singular estimation of speech signal pitch frequency".
2. M.O. Shudrak, "The software package for automated vulnerability search in executable code".

June 2

P.S. Dozmorov, "Methods and monitoring equipment of rock grain size composition and permeability".

June 29

1. I.D. Zyrin, "The method of accounting the surface roughness of multilayer microwave integrated circuits based on the low-temperature ceramics".
2. E.A. Morozov, "The endurance life analysis method of unified electronic modules of airborne radio equipment for space applications based on mathematical modeling of heat-proof processes".

September 12

1. N.V. Kovalev, "Methods and algorithms of evaluation the human face characteristics based on the image analysis".
2. A.K. Lukianov, "Mathematical methods and algorithms of total CO2 recovery according to the GOSAT satellite data".

September 26

1. E.A. Morozov, "The method of communications electronics equipment fatigue life analysis based on mathematical modeling of thermostable processes".
2. M.O. Shudrak, "Model, algorithms and software systems for automated vulnerability scanning of executable code".

September 30

I.D. Zyrin, "The method of calculation the desired signal parameters considering the surface geometric irregularity of microwave integrated circuits".

October 2

I.A. Kukalo, "Model, methods, and program complex of linear part of main oil pipeline physical security risk management".

October 10

A.I. Kuralenko, "The audit technique of communication system information security".

November 7

1. D.M. Bokov, "Method of account for the signal parameter with geometry of the plane microwave intergal circuit".
2. A.E. Anfilofev, "Model, algorithms, and program complex for the automated searching of bugs in the source code".

November 28

1. E.S. Gorbunov, "Cryptopoligon".
2. D.A. Antipov, "The report of 2nd year postgraduate student".

December 12

1. S.Yu. Ishakov, "The methodical ware of incidents identifying process in security system complex networks".
2. T.V. Evsyutkin, "A fuzzy neural network classifier of low-contrast objects based on satellite data in terms of cirrus cover".

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