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Tomsk IEEE Chapter
The Tomsk-IEEE Seminar "The Intellectual Systems of Modeling, Design and Control"

February 18

1. P.I. Tsiporin, "The Mathematical Model and Problem-Focused Software for Optimisation of Equipment of Educational Units".
2. A.V. Ponizov, "Device of Formation of the Test Acoustic Signals for Evaluaion of Hearing Quality".

March 3

1. S.Yu. Iskhakov, "Models and the Algorithmic Maintenance of the Automated Monitoring of Functioning of the Enterprise Local Network".
2. A.S. Kovtun, "Systems and Methods of Monitoring of the Network Infrastructure".

March 17

1. R.F. Nigmatullin, "Mathematical Model, Software, and Algorithmic Maintenance of Voice of Patients with the Articulation Diseases".
2. R.I. Galin, "Model of Interaction between Citizens and Government Authorities".

March 31

1. A.V. Ahaev, "Algorithms and Software for Design of the Expert Systems of Software Choice".
2. D.S. Sinkov, "Algorithms and Software of Identification of the Fuzzy Systems Based on Particle Swarm Method".
3. I.V. Gorbunov, "Algorithms and Software for Identification of Parameters of Fuzzy Systems Based on Hybrid Method of Bee Colonies".

April 14

O.O.Yevsyutin, "Algoritms of Dynamics of the Cellular Automats in the Transformation Information Problems".

May 19

1. V.G. Mironova, "Software and Technique of the Security Model for the Nuclear Industry Units".
2. S.D. Tiunov, "Models, Algorithms, and Software for the Voice Quality Estimation".

June 2

1. N.S. Mikhailov, "Subsystem of the Protection Service for the Electronic Legally Significant Document System Based on the Thin Client".
2. D.V. Chernykh, "Mathematical and Algorithmic Maintenance of the Voice Processing Based on the Hearing Model".

September 17

1. L.L. Egorov, "Algorithms and Software for Calculation of the Optimum Zones of the Base Stations of Cellular Communication Networks".
2. A.V. Ponizov, "Automation of Examination of Human Hearing Aid by Desing a New Electro-Acoustic Device".

September 22

1. A.O. Melkozerov, "Algorithms, Software Complex and Method for Math Modelling and Optimization of Electromagnetic Compatibility of Advanced Spacecraft Board Equipment by Evolutionary Strategies".
2. I.N. Shishkin, "Using of Remote Sensing Data for the Identification and Monitoring of Forest Fires".

October 13

1. A.V. Akhaev, "Algorithms and Software Tools for Building Expert Systems of Software Selection on the Example of "1C: Enterprise. 8".
2. D.S. Sin'kov, "Algorithms and Software Tools for Identification of Fuzzy Systems Based on Method of Particle Swarm".

October 20

1. O.O. Evsyutin, "Models, Algorithms and Software Tools for Compressing Digital Images on the Basis of Cellular Automata ".
2. A.S. Kovtun, "Implementation of a System for Monitoring Network Hardware Using the Methods of Forecasting".

November 17

I.V. Gorbunov, "Algorithms and Software and Tools for Identification of Parameters of Fuzzy Systems Based on Hybrid Method of Bee Colonies".

November 24

1. K.V. Volkov, "Computational Algorithms, Mathematical Models and Software for Vector Signal Analysis".
2. A.G. Sizov, "Mathematical Models, Algorithms and Software Complex for Assessment of the Health Level and Quality of Human Social Life".

December 22

1. A.V. Skorokhodov, "Neural Network Classifier of Clouds from High-Resolution MODIS Data".
2. S.D. Tiunov, "The Models, Algorithms and Software Tools for Assessing the Quality of the Vocal Apparatus".

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