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Tomsk IEEE Chapter
The Tomsk-IEEE Seminar "The Intellectual Systems of Modeling, Design and Control"

April 14, 2001

1. V.P. Kotsubinski, "Generation Models of the Vocal Voice (on Normal and Digestive Sonorous Voice)".
2. S.A. Markin, "Level of Phonemes, Syllables, Words: Some Problems".

April 28, 2001

1. A.A. Ponomarev, "Analysis of Voice Signal. The Parametric Description of Voice".
2. A.A. Chernov, E.M. Davydova, "Language of Parallel Calculations".

May 24, 2001

1. E. Kolyvanova, "Development of Special AES".
2. N. Prisyajnyuk, "System of Planning and Supporting of Distance Education".
3. G. Proskurin, "Development of adaptive AES".
4. O. Ravodin, and E. Davydova, "A Case Study of Distance Education".

October 20, 2001

1. E.A. Kilin, "Analysis of Modern Information Systems for Private Business Enterprises".
2. V.P. Kotsubinski, "Investigation of the Speech Organ Impedance on Formation of Sonorous, Normal, Digestive, and Faringial Voice".

November 3, 2001

1. A.A. Chernov, "Language of Parallel Calculations".
2. P.N. Kowalenko, "Development of controllers basing on MC ASD".

November 17, 2001

1. D. Morozov, "Review of the Numerical Solution of Systems of Differential Equations".
1. A.A. Chernov, "Language of Parallel Calculations".

December 1, 2001

1. D.V. Udalov, "The Control Problems by Stationary Plasma Motors".
2. S.A. Markin, "The Voice Identification".

December 15, 2001

1. A.A. Ponomarev, "Voice Signal Processing in the Analysis and Recognition Systems".
2. V.O. Ravodin, "Modeling in the Biharmonic Laser Processes".
3. S.A. Markin, "The Voice Recognition".

December 29, 2001

1. A.V. Pryakhin, "Analysis of OS Vulnerable".
2. D. Ryabovanov, "Development of the Automatic Test Devices Basing on Phase Systems".

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