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Tomsk IEEE Chapter
The Tomsk-IEEE Seminar "The Intellectual Systems of Modeling, Design and Control"

February 14, 2004

1. S.A. Loparev, "Evaluation Method of Risk for Outflow or Loss Information in the Enterprise Computer Network".
2. D.V. Baranov, "Evaluation Method of the Information Risks of an Enterprise".

February 28, 2004

M.V. Churkin, "Questions of the Enterprise Information Protection".

March 13, 2004

E.D. Golovin, "Estimation of accuracy of the differential equations solving using the differential transformations".

March 27, 2004

1. V.V. Bylkov, "Automation of the Enterprise Operating".
2. A.V. Kaganyuk, "Automation of the Oil Production Data Mining and Processing".

April 10, 2004

1. D.A. Velikotski, "Analysis of the Wavelet Transformations".
2. A.Yu. Kornilov, "The Study of the Vocal Voice by the Recursive Filter System".

April 17, 2004

V.P. Kotsubinski, "Models of Voice Forming". Thesis Presentation.

April 24, 2004

1. K.S. Sarin, "The Axiomatic Program Theory".
2. D.A. Ivanov, "Electro Physiological System".

May 15, 2004

1. A.E. Kuzakov, "Investigation of the Voice Signal".
2. D.Yu. Larionov, "Telecommunication Network".

May 29, 2004

1. A.S. Koblosh, "Features of the Diagnostics Cardio Device".
2. D.Yu. Larionov, "Design of the Bio-Potential Amplifier".

October 9, 2004

1. A.A. Ponomarev, "Model of the Voice Signal Attraction".
2. A.Yu. Kornilov, "System of Parametrical Describing of Vocal Signal".

November 13, 2004

K.S. Sarin, "Constructive and non-Constructive Direction in Language and it-s Connection".
D.V. Velikotski "The Voice Signal Processing Methods at Forming of Parametrical Describing".

November 27, 2004

1. D.Yu. Larionov, "System of the Electrocardiogram Invasive Examination".
2. D.A. Ivanov, "The Electrocardiogram Device".

December 11, 2004

1. A.M. Tereshkov, "Design of the Bio Neural Networks and Conditioned Reflex Formation".
2. A.S. Koblosh, "The Registration Problem at Stimulation via Gullet".

December 25, 2004

A. Kozub, "Authentication Based on Biometric Characteristics".
D. Baranov, "Approach for the Risk Control".

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