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The Tomsk-IEEE Seminar "The Intellectual Systems of Modeling, Design and Control"

February 17, 2007

1. Yu.A. Shkredov, "Automation of the System of Elevator Control Service". Novosibirsk Institute of Program Systems.
2. I.V. Davydov, "Model of Cybercrime".

April 7, 2007

S.V. Nopin, "The Internet Phone System Protected from Non-Authorization Access Based on Crypto and Audio Interface of the Microsoft Windows Operation System".

April 14, 2007

1. A.A. Konev, "Models and Algorithms of the Analysis and Segmentation of the Vocal Signals".
2. D.D. Zykov, "Data Transfer for the Telemechanics on the GSM".

April 28, 2007

1. D.V. Saveliev, "The Access Organization between Functions on the Source Code Level".
2. E.Yu. Kostyuchenko, "Analysis of the Vocal Signal with Neural Networks".

May 12, 2007

1. A.S. Soluyanov, "The Filter Recursive System for the Vocal Signal Analysis".
2. O.O. Shevtsova, "Obfuscation Transformations Methodology Development".

May 26, 2007

1. V.V. Kruchinin, "Approach to the Database Protection Based on the Suite Algorithm Generation and Identification".
2. S.V. Zhary, "Model of the E-Potential Distribution in Heart".

June 2, 2007

D.D. Zykov, "Telemechanical System for the Data Transfer Based on the GSM Standard".

September 15, 2007

1. P.A. Melnichenko, "Method of the Route Variation".
2. S.V. Nopin, "The IP-telephony Protected from the Non-Authorized Access Based on the Microsoft Windows".

September 22, 2007

1. I.V. Davydov, "Models and Means of the Computer Crime Prevention and Formation of Confirmation Base at Their Fulfillment".
2. A.N. Kvassov, "Model of the Voice Formation at the Throat Level at Norm and Pathologies".
3. P.A. Urbanovich, "The Programmed Noise Generator".

October 20, 2007

S.V. Zhary, "Model of the E-Potential Distribution in Heart".

November 3, 2007

A.S. Lysov, "The Automation Technology for Divisions on the Information Protection for the of State Administration".

November 10, 2007

1. A.S. Romanov, "Analysis of the Artificial Intellect Methods Based on N-gram and Neural Networks for Recognize of Text Authorship".
2. T.Yu. Zyryanova, "Model of the Control Information Protection Safety System in Conditions of Uncertainty of Destabilizing Factor Influence". Ural State Technical University.

November 17, 2007

1. V.D. Zykov, "The Protected Information System for Medical Organizations".
2. N.A. Novgorodova, "Automation of the Educational Process".

December 1, 2007

O.A. Pokusaeva, "The Integrated System of the PC User Identification" (Omsk).

December 15, 2007

1. G.A. Praskurin, "System of Counteraction to Threat of Infringement of Availability of the Information in Systems of the Electronic Reporting".
2. M.A. Sopov, "Detailed Elaboration of Circuits of Increase of Reliability of Work of the Distributed Models of Certifying Centers".

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