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Tomsk IEEE Chapter
The Tomsk-IEEE Seminar "The Intellectual Systems of Modeling, Design and Control"

January 12, 2002

A.A. Andreev, "Analysis of the Information Protection Methodology".

March 2, 2002

1. D.A. Kirdyashkin, "The Computer Electrophysiological System with the Software Controllable Electro Stimulate. Elements of Reliable of Frequency Destruction Algorithm. Analysis and Practical Development".
2. E.D. Golovin, "Modeling of Dynamical Systems".

March 30, 2002

1. Artyukhina, "Automation of the Piezo Ceramic Resonance Sensor Researches".
2. E.D. Golovin, "Modeling of Dynamical Systems".

May 4, 2002

1. D.N. Morozov, "Modeling of Processes of the Speech Signals Synthesis".
2. A.A. Ponomarev, "The Speech Signal Processing in the Analysis and Recognition Systems".
3. V.O. Ravodin, "Library of Software Modules Oriented on Nonlinear Dynamics Problems" (Ph.D. thesis).

May 11, 2002

1. E.A. Pupysheva, "Analysis of the Information Safety System Models".
2. A.A. Tupeiko, "Analysis of the User Identification Methods".

May 18, 2002

1. D.Y. Larionov, V.A. Akhmetianov, A.A. Kashpur, "Development of the Portable Device of the Electrocardiogram Control".
2. D.A. Ivanov, "Multichannel System of the Electrocardiogram Information Keeping".
3. A.S. Koblosh, E.V. Shumakov, "Navigation of Electrode-Catheters in the Heart Cameras".

September 14, 2002

1. A.A. Chervov, "The Use of the Cellular Automat and Mass Service Theory in Social and Economy Fields".
2. D.N. Buintsev, "Software Protection Beyond of the Own Program Environment".

September 28, 2002

1. G.A. Praskurin, "Development of the Adaptive AOS".
2. A.V. Pryakhin, "Algorithms of the Failure Protection of VPN".

October 12, 2002

1. A.A. Ponomarev, "Algorithms of the Voice Signal Processing".
2. E.A. Kilin, "System of the Decision Support in the Structure of Corporate Networks".

October 26, 2002

1. I.S. Kolmogortsev, "The Use of "Mathematical Software for the Converting Circuits Design and Development".
2. A.V. Maximenko, "Digital Signature in the General Key Cryptosystems".

November 9, 2002

1. A.V. Tupeiko, "Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms in the Personal Identification Systems".
2. A.A. Andreev, "Systems of Paperwork Security in the Corporate Networks".

November 23, 2002

1. M.V. Marchukaites, "Modeling of Skills and Kind of Behavior at Training".
2. N.A. Prisyajnyuk, "Account of Running and Total Student's Progress".
3. E.S. Pupysheva, "The Model Analysis of the Information Safety Systems".

December 7, 2002

1. Gorbachev S.V., "The Neural Methods of the Oil and Gas Forecast Basing on Complex Integration of Geophysical and Geochemical Data in the Intelligent Cartographic System "InformGeo".
2. Ravodin V.O. (TSU), "The Software Complex for Numerical Modeling of Nonlinear Binary Systems". Presentation of thesis.

December 14, 2002

1. P.N. Kowalenko, "Hardware and Software Device of the Media Data Compression". Presentation of thesis.
2. E.D. Golovin, "Optimization of Electronics Circuits Basing on Differential Transformations".

December 21, 2002

1. E. Gnatyna, "The Problem of Automation of Consultations for Distant Students".
2. D. Kirdyashkin, "Account of Temperature Profile in Myocardium on Frequency Destruction of Heart".
3. A. Kornilov, "Methods of Compression and Parametrical Describing of Vocal Signal".

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