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Tomsk IEEE Chapter
The Tomsk-IEEE Seminar "The Intellectual Systems of Modeling, Design and Control"

February 11, 2006

1. D.N. Buintsev, "Software Protection Based on the Obfuscation Transformations". Presentation of dissertation.
2. K.S. Sarin, "Deductive Construction of Software Property Proofs Using of the Formal Axiomatic Theory".

February 25, 2006

1. D.V. Saveliev, "Profiling of the Program Functions".
2. O.I. Galkin, "Development of Software for Certifying Center".
3. D.D. Zykov, "The Telemechanic System for the Main Pipeline Based on GSM Communication".

March 11, 2006

1. O.V. Permyakov, "Modern Technologies of Pedagogical Measurements".
2. K. Belyakov, "On Development and Introduction of System "Telepathology" as One of the Telemedicine Direction".

March 18, 2006

1. A.V. Shokarev, "Algorithms of Digital Watermarks embedding".
2. N.A. Fedotov, "The Information - Technological Systems of Complex Diagnostics and Cardioarithmy Treatment".

March 25, 2006

1. S.Yu. Andreev, "Modeling of Dynamics of Auricle Excitation in Problems of Heart Rhythm Restoration".
2. A.A. Konev, "The Parametrical Description of the Vocal Signals".

April 8, 2006

1. D.Y. Larionov, "Identification Methods of the QRS-Complex on Electrocardiogram".
2. E.Yu. Kostyuchenko, "Extraction of the Informative Attributes of the Voice Signal".
3. A.S. Koblosh, "Modeling of the Radio-Frequency Ablation Process with Cooled Electrode".

April 26, 2006

1. A.N. Kvasov, "Identification of the Dictor Gender on Voice".
2. A.S. Soluyanov, "The Filter Recursive System".

May 13, 2006

1. A.A. Kozub, "Finding of an Optimum Route Model".
2. K.N. Filkin, "Model of Safety of the Hierarchical Distributed Systems".

May 20, 2006

1. A.M. Tereshkov, "Design of the Reflex Connections in the Speech Pathology Correction by Biological Feedback".
2. S.I. Zhary, "Analysis of the 3D-Surface Method Design".

September 23, 2006

E.M. Davydova, "An Educational Portal in Automated Training System".

October 21, 2006

M.V. Momot, "Electronic Payment Systems".

November 25, 2006

1. D. Saveliev, "Differentiation of Access to Functions at the Source Codes Level".
2. S. Prischep, "The Review of Risk Analysis Method of "ISRAM" Information Protection".

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